Our Vision

A world of economic freedom and justice for all, where all communities have access to a fair and equitable universal medium of exchange, issued by the people in sufficiency to meet their own needs and the needs of their communities.

Our Mission

  1. To educate people as to the truth and reality of money and money systems, dispelling the glamours, lies and illusions which surround money and its use.

  2. To develop and actualize a universal medium of exchange that serves the needs of the people.

  3. To serve as a catalyst for the rebuilding and revitalization of local communities.

"It is a transformational and life changing experience to become part of a community and to have one's needs met within that community. It builds a bond which is difficult to break. Fourth Corner Exchange has the power and the potential to accomplish this on a worldwide scale, to address the imbalances of the current worldwide money system, and to provide a place for people to re-examine their thoughts and assumptions around money, and to realize that this thing called 'money' that they never really thought about actually wields a tremendous power within all our lives, either for good, or ill."

(Received in meditation by Lia Ayley, 2006)