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Sports & Recreation
Personalized Yoga Instruction
I offer personalized yoga instruction for whatever your current goals and body may be. I have studied, practiced, and trained in many yoga methods and modalities in the US and India, and have used it for my own recovery after breaking over a dozen bones in an auto collision! Yoga is for every body, and if you'd like to deepen into your practice or learn for the first time, I'd love to support you in doing so. I an open to barter, trade, LDs, and feds.

Counseling & Therapy
Parenting Coach
My 30-year career as a LCISW, has been mainly in parenting with training in Emotional Coaching, Love & Logic, 1-2-3 Magic and Positive Parenting with a Plan.

Professional Services
House Sitter/Pet Sitter
Hello! I'm a well-seasoned house and pet sitter and have been doing this sort of work for many years. In Mexico, I have house and pet sat for a growing list of happy customers, all of them in the Chapala area (e.g. San Antonio, Ajijic). I am happy to look after your home and pets for any length of time. I have also performed long-term jobs, one of these for 3.5 months. Please see my website: XXXXXXXXXX for more information. I look forward to ensuring your home and pets are happy, safe and healthy! Very warmly, xxxx xxxxxxxx

Residential Construction Supplies
By MERYL. Life $'s vary depending on the item but most surplus or used supplies are likely to range from 1-2 Life $'s. New supplies (items purchased new but never needed) might range from 2-6 Life $'s. Ask about a specific item(s) or ask for a copy of my Supply list.

Children & Childcare
Child and Babysitting
If someone is looking for a causal baby/child sitter, please let me know. I am in the west end of Toronto and have a car. I am in my 30s and am educated in psychology, health studies, and psychotherapy.

I make pies and Bread.
I can teach you to make great pie dough or a variety of sweet bread.One or two life dollars per session. Yeast bread takes overnight.

Need a Weekend or Overnight Stay in Seattle?
I have two comfortable private rooms, one with double, one with single, desk for a computer. Wireless access, and a shared bathroom, living room, kitchen. Near UW, Roosevelt area, and a friendly, quiet, all adult home. Available for up to three days for travelers, students, culture seekers, etc. 1 Life Dollar/day.

Health & Personal
Meditation Mentor
For over 20 years, I have taught and supported individuals of all ages(even toddlers), groups and families develop a rewarding & practical meditation practice. Presently, I follow the Plum Village tradition, but I have been trained and practiced in other meditation traditions. I have successfully supported parents with very hectic lives (military families) and worked extensively supporting children and teachers in elementary schools in developing a mindfulness practice.

Professional Home and Office Organizing
Greetings, I have been a professional home and office organizer, adding 'grace to your cluttered space(s)' for 25 years! Most of my experience is in both California and Oregon states, though I have worked in other places, as well. Yes, even Mexico! I'm living part-time in Mexico and would love to help you! My Mexico cell number is: +52-98-XXXX-XXXX. You may check out my website at: XXXXXXXXXX. My U.S. number is: XXX-XXX-XXX-XXXX. I can confidently offer my services, from attics to basements (and bodegas!). Warmly, xxxx N.

Gardening & Yard Work
Garden Help
I could use a consultant and teacher in my garden.

Small electrical work
Can fix, repair, and install small household electrical stuff like lights, plugs, little appliances. 1LD/hr is fine

Exit the matrix - how to live sovereignly
I have used the knowledge of The Sovereign's Way to remove a lot of controversies, including receiving money owed to me, and avoiding 'owing' money with the government (taxes, fines), corporations, and individuals. While the course is excellent and I don't wish to re-create the wheel by teaching it, if you'd like any support as you take the course, or help navigating your own legal or lawful situations I'd be happy to share what I know. Find the course here: I am not an attorney nor offering legal advice.

Gardening & Yard Work
I help with your garden if you will help with mine.
I have about 10 different flower, perennial gardens that always need tending to. I have been gardening for many, many years. I can help you get started or design or learn about spring bulbs etc!

Need a Weekend or Overnight Stay in Seattle?
I have two comfortable private rooms, one with double, one with single, desk for a computer. Wireless access, and a shared bathroom, living room, kitchen. Near UW, Roosevelt area, and a friendly, quiet, all adult home. Available for up to three days for travelers, students, culture seekers, etc. 1 Life Dollar/day.

HoneybeeWhisper & SwarmCatcher
Do you have a honeybee swarm in your tree buzzing? I can catch your swarm and find it a home in our pollinator garden.(LD requested for my gas & travel time - Capturing the swarm is a gift to the earth).

Previewing Rentals or Homes for Sale
I had a 20 years career in the real estate industry, most of those as a licensed agent. I can preview rentals homes or homes for sale for you if you are not yet in the Lakeside area. 2.5 LD per hour plus pesos for petrol if outside of Ajijic/San Antonio.

Children & Childcare
Grandma Servies
I am interested in helping with childcare and trading for help with larger cleaning projects.2-3 Life dollars

Rides to the ferry, airport, stores
Request a smooth, quiet ride in my Nissan LEAF, an all-electric car. I can get you to/from the airport, ferries, stores, early mornings no problem. Basic Rate 1 LD/hour of driving, total cost negotiable depending on waiting time, i.e., round-trips. Call or email to discuss details.

Spanish for travelers
Experienced Spanish teacher/Latin America traveler (20+ trips) offers personally-tailored language lessons, plus expert travel recommendations for maximizing your travel time. Plan your independent jouneys, volunteering, wildlife watching in Mexico, Central and South America. 2 LDs for each 60 minute class; rates negotiable depending on number of sessions and students. Willing to do trades or accept LDs. Call xxxx 'Eduardo' (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Gardening & Yard Work
Show xxx where you want weeds removed and she'll bring the necessary tools. She can't bring a wheel barrow, so you would need to have space on your land for the clippings. Two hours work maximum at a time. 2 Life Dollars

Concierge Services with my Caravan
I can transport up to 7 people or make it into a cargo van with two seats up front to accomplish shopping or other tours/transport errands in the Lakeside area. Also Costco trips. You pay for fuel and my fee is 2.5 LD per hour.

Professional Services
Proofreading and Editing
I offer professional and efficient editing of any amount of text, from a paragraph to a book, with quick turnaround time. Nonfiction is my specialty (including Science, Natural History, Travel, and Nature Writing), but I will proofread any piece of your writing for grammar and spelling, and offer constructive feedback on style, clarity, and organization. Open to trades, feds, or LDs, depending on time involved. Email me files or send hard copy. xxxx (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Gardening & Yard Work
Perennial Primrose- you dig & divide
Perennial primrose- you dig & divide. Exchange includes your gifting an hour or more assisting us in our garden - a lakeside pollinator edible forest garden or assist with yard tasks- the same day you dig the primrose. We can share our wisdom & the beauty of the garden. Cellphone free zone - leave it in the car. Bring your facemask covering. Many other misc volunteer starts in the garden, including angelica, the abundance within a garden changes each day. Come bring home a few primroses for the benefit of your pollinators and your borders. +-1 LD

Meeting Space
If you are looking for space to hold your meeting, workshop, seminar, or any kind of small gathering, you may use our space. The living room of our modest home can seat 10-12 people, with a large screen you may use to hook up to your laptop or other device. There are 8 chairs available, a small sofa, and 2 easy chairs; you may bring a few more folding chairs if you so desire (please take them back with you upon leaving). The dining table seats 6-8 using the available chairs. Use of kitchen and bathroom is also included. The home is available at various times and would have to be reserved at least two weeks in advance. We do travel about 3 times per year and the space would not be available during those times. 2 Life Dollars per hour. 4 hour maximum.

Rides to appointments/errands?
I own a car and work from home/work causally so if you need assistance getting to and from places please let me know.

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